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    Welcome to Panama Group
    The Panama Group is a young, diversified group of companies with interests in
    Renewable Energy, Water Management, Agri Services and Construction.
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    Panama Renewable Energy Solutions
    Over 10 MW of operational Wind Assets operating
    Over 104 MW Wind Power Projects are under Installation
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    Innovative Water Technology
    We have identified and developed
    a range of innovative and cost effective technologies.
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    Futuristic Agri Services
    We @ PANAMA also promote and provide
    non-conventional bulk grain storage facilities and services.
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    Construction & Infrastructure
    Over 1 million sq. ft. already developed
    Over 4 million sq. ft. under Consrtuction
    To offer premium living, working, lifestyle and leisure spaces
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    Panama Digital Studio
    Specialised in Automotive CGI,Product Visualisation,
    Photorealistic Pack shots & E-Learning Video animation.

Welcome To The Panama Group

  • We cherish sustainable development
  • We nurture innovation
  • We are rooted in values
  • We are driven by a pioneering spirit
  • We believe the future can be better than the present

Panama Group – "Passion for Sustainability"

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Our Verticals

Renewable Energy

Generation of energy from traditional fossil fuels has put our ecology in peril. The need of the hour is to tap into natural sources that do not run out and don’t contribute to pollution and climate change. It’s time for clean energy, really.

Water Management

Scarcity and contamination of water are major issues that weigh heavily on mankind today. As water-stressed areas across the globe increase by the day, access to adequate and clean water is turning out to be more difficult.

Agri Services

It is deeply disturbing to witness the phenomenal wastage of food grains every year owing to lack of adequate storage and preservation facilities. This loss is not merely financial; it is also a severe blow to the self-esteem of farmers.


The frenetic pace of urbanization and industrial development is turning our cities into concrete clusters, where fresh air, open spaces and tranquility are hard to come by. At Panama Sunarch Developers, we pledge to ‘go green’.

Our Business Mantra

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do; the passion for a greener and healthier planet is deeply ingrained in the mind of every Panamite. Because, our planet is not what it used to be a century ago and it won’t be the same place even after a decade. By plugging our thoughts and actions into the core concept of sustainable development, we strive to make a lasting impact.

Our People

We wholeheartedly believe that an organization is only as good as its people… Enthusiastic and competent individuals make up the team at Panama. Though we come from diverse academic backgrounds or have assorted skill sets, we are tightly tied by our core values. The Company’s exalted vision is the guiding beacon of light for each one of us. Indeed, our people are our greatest strength.

Our Quality Focus

At the Panama Group, quality is a mindset – it begins and ends with every individual employee. By nurturing a culture of quality, we fuel our quest for excellence that leads to setting new benchmarks and crossing proud milestones. We believe in the transformation from good to great and make conscious efforts to create value through our sharp focus on quality and a holistic approach of doing things.