Chairman’s Message

From the Chairman’s Desk

Together, let’s create a greener future!


The earth’s resources are limited and finite. Our thoughtful actions today will hugely impact the well-being of future generations. Hence the onus is on everyone - individuals, communities and businesses – to preserve the planet’s ecological treasure trove.

At the Panama Group, we pledge to preserve the fragile fabric of our environment. Sustainable development is our business mantra; indeed, it is the core purpose of our existence.

The Panama Group epitomizes a journey towards greater sustainability, which is marked by several watershed moments. Our quest for clean power has resulted in reducing carbon footprint phenomenally; the deep determination to improve water efficiency has metamorphosed into Panama Blue, a revolutionary water filtration system that works on gravity and saves precious electricity; innovations in bulk storage systems have enabled us to prevent wastage of valuable food grains and our focus on eco-friendly property development is creating landmarks that embrace conservation in totality.

Our stewardship in sustainability is driven by research, innovation and active collaboration with like-minded global entities. We endeavor to develop solutions that stand the test of time, make things better and lives easier.  

At the Panama Group, we are committed to spearhead the transition towards a truly sustainable future. We look forward to working with all our stakeholders to realize our vision; their support and encouragement is vital to keep up the good work. Thank you so much.


Sameer Ladkat

Chairman, Panama Group