CSR Activities


Panama Renewable Energy Awareness Program

This program aims to create mass awareness amongst school children about the use and benefits of renewable energy. Implemented imaginatively, this initiative brings out the importance of renewable energy in a lucid, lively way. We feel a glow of pride to tell that this program has generated tremendous response and has gone down well with the local stakeholders as well as local authorities.


Panama Foundation values human life and understands the importance of blood. We know the availability of blood can make the crucial difference between life and death, especially for critical patients and accident victims. Inspired by this thought, we have initiated a unique program Gifting Life in partnership with the local authorities to issue Blood Donation Cards to the needy.


Lack of basic infrastructure often turns out to be a roadblock to development, especially in rural pockets. It creates hardships for villagers and deprives them of a comfortable living.

Panama Foundation, in consultation with the local stake holders and based on the needs, helps in creating the infrastructure such as approach roads, bore wells for drinking water and water purification by installing Panama Blue, a unique water filter which purifies water without the use of electricity.