We are committed to preserving our planet’s rich ecological heritage;we focus on development that is in harmony with nature and strive fora healthier, greener world for our future generations.

Focused peripheral development & protection of flora & fauna

The Large Renewable energy farms and electricity networks have a physical and visual impact on the landscape. The affected areas are having different biodiversity value, and thus there is a need to have an efficient conservation process. Before starting any new construction work, Panama Renewable ensures to conduct an environmental impact assessments, including impacts on biodiversity. Panama Renewable strives to harmonize operational facilities with the landscape and the environment, and is committed to the protection of flora and fauna in the surrounding area. The protection of biodiversity is well established within Panama Renewable Energy Group.

Panama has eco-restored large amount of project affected area. As per the adopted ESMP and ESAP, local native’s trees and shrub species were planted. Around 2 Million seeds were sowed at the current operational Project sites. In Mirkala project all native and semi-arid plant species were sowed. All are best for regeneration of the Black Buck habitat. The species like Su-babul (Acacia Lecocephala), Boor (Zizyphus Spp.), Kahir (Accacia catechu), Babhool (Accacia arbica), Tarwad (Caccia auriculata) and grass seed (Gramine Spp.) etc. Other species like Mehndi (Lawsonia intermis), Landga (Xanthium strumarium), Datura (Datura innoxia) have been seeded and some Neem (Azadiracta indica) saplings were planted. In nursery Jatropha Spp planted on research purpose.

In Palsi Project all evergreen plant species planted. These all plants are native to local environment. This plantation will help local ecosystem to regenerate at faster pace. The plantation has mix combination of fast growing and slow growing species. The fast growing species like castor sown in large number. This fast growing species will support this slow growing species in summer. The slow growing species planted as follows Jamun(Syzygium cumini), Dhaiti (Woodfordia fruticosa), Karavi (Strobilanthes callosus), Nirgudi (Vitexnegundo)etc are planted.

The fast growing species will support these native slow growing species during the summer season At both the sites Nurseries are setup for conservation of small indigenous species. As of date Panama Renewable has grown three thousand plants at both these operation all sites. All these species are helpful for regeneration of local biodiversity.