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It is deeply disturbing to witness the phenomenal wastage of food grains every year owing to lack of adequate storage and preservation facilities. This loss is not merely financial; it is also a severe blow to the self-esteem of farmers, whose hard work and perseverance go down the drain.

At Panama Agriculture Pvt. Ltd., we develop state-of-the-art, efficient storage systems that minimize wastage and reduce loss.

Panama Agriculture Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in the business of providing non-conventional bulk grain storage facilities and services as part of our Agri services business. Silo Bags are a time-tested, proven technology based scientific storage solution for creating on-site open air storage of various agribusiness stock such as grains, oil seeds and fertilizers.

Scientific Bulk Grain Storage System:

Panama Agriculture launched & developed the first successful grain storage facility in Nov 2011 for ADM in Latur, Maharashtra, for storing 10,000 tons of Soya beans. The bulk handling of Soya bean ensured maximizing handling efficiency and enhancing yield during crushing. Panama Agriculture is providing storage services to MP government through MPWLC for storing Wheat since 2012; we have stored more than 3,00,000/- tons of wheat at five different locations in MP. The scientific storage facility was developed efficiently in quick time and received tremendous appreciation from the concerned administration and Government of Madhya Pradesh.

Advantages of Silo Bags:

  • Flexibility: Multi-location advantage
  • Preserves original moisture content
  • No fumigation or disinfestations needed
  • Quick bagging / debagging using minimum labour/manpower
  • Ability to create storage for large quantities within quick time
  • No cleaning or disinfectants needed.
  • Overall management & quality control possible by use of technology
  • One time fixed cost which is drastically lower

Hermetic Food Grain Storage Principal:

If the organism is sealed in gas tight storage, the ecosystem will be modified.
Living Organism's respiration causing O2 depletion and gives off CO2.
High CO2 level kills living insects and suppresses new development.
Low O2 level prevents myco- and aflatoxins development and chemical oxidation.
This hermetic condition is kept as long as there is no gas leak from any opening or permeating through the storage material.

Advantages of SaveGrain Bags:
Preserves Original moisture content; No Quality Deterioration
Quantity; No Quantity Loss
Germination; Maintain high germination rate
No-Chemicals; Toxic & Harmful chemicals not required to control infestation
Oxidation; Minimum Oxidation
Aroma; Preserves Aroma

Application of SaveGrain Bags
Seeds: Food crops, Horticulture
Dried Grains: Pulses, Lentils, Cereals
Dried Beans: Cocoa, Coffee, Vanilla
Dried Nuts: Peanuts, Cashew
Dried Herbs: All types of Spices & Herbs
Dried Feed: Poultry, Fish, Shrimp
Flour: All types of Flours
Food Stock at disaster prone areas
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